Cooking Madness – A Chef’s Game

Cooking Madness A Chef's APK is free to download to your phone now. So, you can join it and grow your cooking madness restaurant chain to satisfy customers.

Cooking Madness A Chef’s APK will challenge your cooking and management skills. How to serve many customers at the same time and satisfy hunger? Let’s find the answer in this experience where you can cook dozens of delicious dishes and become a real chef.

Not only stopping at one level, but you can also unlock hundreds of levels to discover many new things. You can find new dishes, and new ingredients and unlock more restaurants in many famous locations. Play hard to fulfill your passion for cooking here!

A variety of dishes from main courses to unique desserts

This is the undeniably fun cooking game where you are a chef of a delicious shop. Your mission is to serve customers their favorite dishes and make a profit from them. Don’t let them wait too long or let your food over-cook in the oven, you can do better every day.

So what will you find in Cooking Madness A Chef’s restaurant? Those are English dishes, pasta, rice, soup, grilled chicken, … great things for the main meal. Or delicious cakes, whipped cream, coffee, juices, pies, and more to serve as desserts. You can make all of them yourself through detailed instructions.

You will be the chef and restaurant manager
You will be the chef and restaurant manager

Just click on the screen to choose ingredients, then process, mix and decorate to create delicious dishes. Your customers may like your delicacies and pay accordingly. Everything is quite easy in the beginning but the challenge will become more and more difficult as you level up.

At a higher level, you will have to serve more customers with more complex requirements. Therefore, you need to upgrade your skills and kitchen tools to better meet all needs. Visit the store to buy new ovens or essentials and more. Of course, you will have to pay to buy them, nothing is free.

Unlock new locations and manage Cooking Madness A Chef’s

Don’t stop at any point, you can expand the experience everywhere. You can unlock new restaurants to popularize your restaurant’s delicacies and brand. But to unlock a restaurant, you need to collect enough keys. And of course, you will need to invest a lot in kitchen tools, design, materials, and dozens of other things.

But restaurants will bring you to profit if they operate efficiently. So don’t worry about the initial investment, think about the idle cash that will flow into your account in the future. This papa’s cooking download game will make you addictive not only in cooking but also in economic management.

So, if you love Cooking Madness A Chef’s APK, you can download it to your phone right now. We have it free for you to start your culinary adventure right away. Many hungry diners are waiting for your delicious food, how about you?

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