Cupcake Clicker

About Cupcake Clicker Game

Cupcake Clicker is an interesting unblocked game giving you the chance to run the bakery of your dreams. Let's play Cupcake Clicker and start your own business.

Cupcake Clicker brings you to a fun cupcake factory. However, you will not be an employee, you are the owner. If you love the business management, try it now!

Cupcake Clicker game online and dream of becoming a confectionery tycoon

Baking has become very popular and there is a shortage of shops. So start your business with a small bakery where you will bake signature cupcakes.

Business strategy is indispensable in Cupcake Clicker unblocked

Ignoring the inherent appeal of html5 games online, Cupcake Clicker unblocked brings a lightness but no less attractiveness. In game, you will come to this factory to increase the production of delicious products.

Your task is to increase the output. Don’t worry too much if you don’t know the governing law. Do you have a creative mind? So come up with a strategy for yourself.

Play Cupcake Clicker game online in a fun way by clicking cupcakes, earn coins and level up different items. Besides that, the right panel contains a list of what you can improve. In fact, if an element has a blue background, it’s ready to be upgraded.

Make every effort to make the cakes always delicious and attract the love of diners. Even if you love cakes too much, let’s play more Cupcake Clicker 1 and Cupcake Clicker 2. In fact, they will be a fun addition to your own baking experience.

You can even open delivery and prepare your specialty cupcakes to take away. Now everyone will get their share of their favorite pastry and you will make money!

Cupcake Clicker online is truly a fun cupcake factory clicker game that you shouldn’t miss. So please increase the production and making customers happy will definitely increase your store’s reputation.

How To Play

Use the left mouse button or A to click the cupcake.

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