Emily’s Home Sweet Home

About Emily’s Home Sweet Home Game

Emily’s Home Sweet Home is a business simulation game inspired by the popular Delicious series. In the game, you will become Emily and help her complete her food business.

Emily’s family house is becoming dilapidated after a long period of construction. She and her husband need to earn extra income or scale up their business to renovate their dream home. Incarnate as Emily, so your task is to help her sell food at the store to create a stable source of income. The customer is king in any business game, and Emily’s Home Sweet Home for kids is no exception. You need to make sure that your customers are always happy when they come to your grocery store.

Joining the game, you will start with many different stages of service without the help of staff. The first is the process of ordering, preparing food, serving customers, and paying. All the customers that come to your store have completely different requirements and they need to serve in the shortest time. Besides, the difficulty of each level will increase rapidly in Emily’s Home Sweet Home unblocked when more customers appear. Therefore, you need to continuously manipulate when playing the game if you want them to come back to the store next time.

Besides, the daily goal needs to always be at its best if you want to have money to renovate house. In all papa’s online games, players will have to upgrade the available features to expand the business. So, you also should do the task of renovating the house and purchasing the necessary items soon.

How To Play

Touch the available icons on the screen with the left mouse to serve customers

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