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About Food Tycoon Game

Food Tycoon is the place for you to show your excellent service by satisfying all your customers. As a beverage shop owner, what will you do to best serve customers?

If you are looking for a simple game inspired by business, then Food Tycoon unblocked will be the choice for you. This is an interesting food cooking game, the player will become a beverage shop owner. You will start the game by serving the most delicious drinks to your customers while ensuring everyone’s satisfaction. At the beginning, the drink menu at the store only has some traditional varieties and you need to expand the menu after the business is profitable. Gradually, customers’ requirements will increase, so try to make them happy if you want to grow your business.

Besides making delicious drinks, you need to make sure that the processing process also happens quickly. Most of the customers who come to your store are office workers in the surrounding areas. Therefore, they need delicious drinks and ensure fast processing time to not be late for work. Basically, you only serve a certain number of customers at each level to complete the challenge. Then proceed to upgrade the drink menu and continue with the next level. If you do everything perfectly, you will receive an absolute number of 3 stars at each level.

On the contrary, if you make some customers unhappy, you will receive fewer stars or you may have to start over. Food Tycoon html5 online allows players to develop business scale in certain stages. So, it will take you quite a while if you want to unlock all available content.

How To Play

Use the left mouse button and click on the drink icons on the screen to serve customers

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