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The pizza restaurant in Frenzy Pizza is in need of a talented manager to grow. And you are the chosen one, how will you satisfy all your customers by serving them?

Frenzy Pizza free online offers simple management gameplay where players will perform the entire process of serving customers. Basically, you will act from the perspective of three main characters, Lisa, Laura and Tom. They are the owners of a small pizza restaurant, and you will be in control of them throughout the process of serving customers. Each character will have a certain role in the chain of operations of the restaurant. Therefore, you will have to arrange for them the right positions to serve customers in the most optimal way.

Lisa will be in charge of welcoming guests and placing them in the appropriate positions. Laura is the main server with taking orders from customers and bringing them the ordered pizzas. Finally, Tom is a chef, he is responsible for receiving requests from customers to make the best cakes. Each member of the restaurant needs to have direct interaction with each other if they want to meet the needs of customers. So, Frenzy Pizza without flash requires players to do the work of the three main characters and help them do their tasks well.

Frenzy Pizza’s difficulty will increase continuously in different stages for players to feel the fun of enjoying. More specifically, the number of customers coming to the restaurant is increasing. You will have to make sure they are always satisfied before leaving the restaurant. Frenzy Pizza is an html5 cooking game online that you should try out for the time being. This game is suitable for a wide range of players, especially those who are looking for a light game to entertain.

How To Play

Perform all service stages in the game through the left mouse button

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