Playing Happy Cooking 2022 Chef Fever To Become A Chef And Manager

Happy Cooking 2022 Chef Fever is a great cooking game for you to discover unique dishes. Download this Happy Cooking game and try to manage your restaurant.

Welcome to Happy Cooking 2022 Chef Fever, the latest cooking game from the publisher Joynow Studio. This game will give you great relaxing moments in the role of a professional chef. You can cook more than 100 dishes from different culinary cultures around the world and serve customers to get rich.

The game will impress you with colorful and fun graphics. Cooking gameplay is super simple, just click to select ingredients, bake, serve, and more. Explore it now after you download this Happy Cooking game here.

Happy Cooking 2022 Papa's Cooking Download
Happy Cooking 2022 Papa’s Cooking Download

Happy Cooking 2022 Chef Fever – Simple yet addictive cooking game

If you love modern and fun cooking games, don’t miss this game by downloading it here. Join the game, you will become a professional chef and prepare everything in the kitchen by yourself. You can take care of choosing ingredients, cooking, baking, and discovering new recipes every day.

Moreover, you will develop your restaurant into the most famous chain of stores to become a rich tycoon. It’s not too difficult to play, but you need to play hard and properly time it to cook dozens of dishes at once without burning them. While cooking, feel free to listen to upbeat music!

Discover hundreds of dishes while offline

The special thing about Happy Cooking 2022 Chef Fever download is that it does not need an Internet connection to run. So you can play it anywhere after the first download. Just turn on the game and discover over 100 delicacies in the store. Your task is to prepare them to serve customers and make a profit.

First, you will receive orders from customers, it can be many orders at the same time. Each customer will have different requirements, sometimes a burger, hotdog, salad, barbecue, soft drink, and more. So, you need to remember these requirements and start working in the kitchen to prepare delicious dishes.

You can choose ingredients in the kitchen and then prepare them. Some ingredients may need to be grilled, fried, or mixed… in different ways. Then you need to combine them together to create dishes and can add chili sauce, pepper, sauce, and more. Show your culinary skills to create super delicious and beautiful dishes.

If you satisfy the customer, they will pay for your dish. And remember, don’t let them wait too long to receive their favorite dish. You need to practice your operations to serve faster because there will be many customers. But be careful, don’t let the meat burn or the water spills over the glass.

Grow your restaurant chain through over 200 challenging levels

The challenge for you in Happy Cooking 2022 Chef Fever will be more and more difficult. Customers will be outnumbered and have much more complex requirements for your dishes. At that time, you will have to upgrade your restaurant to unlock new ingredients and create new dishes on the menu.

There are hundreds of dishes to expand your cooking chain
There are hundreds of dishes to expand your cooking chain

Furthermore, you can grow your restaurant into a chain by opening more new stores. Some shops specialize in European food, others specialize in Japanese food, and more. Make your sales skyrocket by increasing the number of dishes and hiring more famous chefs to manage for you.

Besides, don’t miss the great culinary courses to upgrade your cooking skills. Moreover, you can participate in the wheel of fortune to get great rewards, be it gold coins, diamonds… They are useful for you to unlock many new materials or furniture to refurbish your shop in this cooking 2022 game.

Enjoy the fun graphic style in Happy Cooking 2022 Chef Fever

Besides the fun gameplay, this game will make you enjoy its colorful 2D graphic style. Images of dishes, ingredients, characters, … are quite realistic and vivid. On-screen clicks also come with eye-catching effects, making cooking fun all the time.

In addition, cheerful music is always with you throughout the process of being a chef. So you can cook and relax at the same time to always feel fun. Food, beer, beverage, sauce, and more are all available to create a great cooking party with live music in the background, don’t you think?

Happy Cooking 2022 Chef Fever is one of the best papa’s cooking games download. You can become the chef and manager of the most famous food chain. Click to cook and serve customers, cooking has never been so easy. Moreover, the longer you play, the more items you unlock to explore and expand the menu.

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