Papa’s Cupcakeria HD

Papa's Cupcakeria HD is available on the Google Play Store for Android devices. Download it now to hone your cooking skills via many awesome tasks and challenges!

A fan of Papa’s Cooking Games Online should be in charge of a new Papa’s restaurant in a fun game called Papa’s Cupcakeria HD which is downloadable and playable on Android phones. Playing Papa’s games is always awesome as you can perfect your cooking skills through a wide range of tasks and daily challenges. You can even download Papa’s Cupcakeria HD APK 1.1.0 and then launch this APK app on your phone to experience all features.

Papa's Cupcakeria HD
Papa’s Cupcakeria HD

What is Papa’s Cupcakeria HD game about?

Papa’s Cupcakeria game revolves around a new cupcake shop opened by Papa Louie in the scenic town of Frostfield. Although Papa is the owner of the shop, he cannot run it right now due to his business trip. Therefore, you will be in charge of managing the shop and help Papa earn a lot of money. This is going to be a good chance for you to hone your baking as well as your cupcake-decorating skills to become the best cupcake crafting master!

There are plenty of tasks you must handle in the shop in Papa’s game HD Download! First of all, you must select orders from the customers, then go into the kitchens to start baking the cakes. You will pick the right pan liners, pour the suitable amount of gooey batter into each, place the pan into the oven then start baking them. You can twist and swirl frosting on the cupcakes, add accurate toppings onto them, and when the cupcakes are done, you can serve them to the hungry customers that are waiting in the lobby section.

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Outstanding features in Papa’s Cupcakeria HD Game

  • When leveling up and gaining the credibility of customers, you will see that the seasons altering around you, which provides you will a lot of things, such as drizzles, batters, shakers and many toppers.
  • James and Willow are the two default characters you can pick from, but still, you can make one at your own taste if you want. There are many holiday-themed outfits featured in Papa’s Cupcakeria game. If you pick an outfit that suits the current holiday, you will earn more tips from the customers.
  • Go to a Dining Room to sit and enjoy your cupcakes. You can recruit James or Willow so they can help you take the orders from the customers, or you can make another character to staff the restaurant.
  • You will see there are some new themes of furniture and decorations for every holiday of the year in Papa’s Cupcakeria. Select your favorite ones then start to decorate the restaurant.
  • Join Foodini’s Mini-games after every day of working so you can get brand new outfits for your workers and more furniture for your restaurant.

More other in-game features

  • Many awesome missions and challenges between batter, baking, frosting, and topping.
  • Unlock up to 12 different holidays.
  • You can customize your servers and chefs.
  • A wide range of outfits and furniture to get and decorate your shop and staff.
  • Up to 96 customers to serve.
  • More than 115 ingredients for you to unlock.
  • Spend your earned tips on plenty of upgrades for the shop.
  • Closers and Food Critic are all tough to master.
  • Up to 90 Achievements in the game for you to obtain.

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Download Papa’s Cupcakeria HD Game

Besides downloading and installing Papa’s Cupcakeria HD APK 1.1.0 or Papa’s Cupcakeria To Go APK, you are now able to get this Papa’s Cupcakeria HD game directly from your Google Play Store. Keep in mind that the game offers in-app purchases and it is a paid-to-play game.

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