Summer finally comes, so let’s treat yourself with tasty and cool ice-cream as well as serve more customers in Papa’s Freezeria HD – one of the best Papa’s Cooking games online! You can get Papa’s Frezeria HD Android on your phones or tablets then use your awesome abilities to conquer all challenges in the game. Among Papa’s Games HD download, this title can leave a big impression on players as it can make their summers more meaningful!

Papa's Freezeria HD

About Papa’s Freezeria HD Game

Much like Papa’s Freezeria To Go APK Free Download, in this Papa’s Freezeria HD version that you can download directly from the Google Play Store, you also take a job at an oceanfront ice-cream stall on Calypso Island, and the stall is called Papa’s Freezeria owned by Papa Louie. Papa doesn’t spend his summer vacation on this island, so he cannot run the shop. You are left in charge of the shop with the objective of making it more and more popular. There are many Papa’s Louie customers arriving on the island, they are ready to taste ice-cream!

Your mission is to serve tasty Freezer sundaes by pouring a lot of ice cream, mixing candies, syrups, adding toppings, whipped cream and more. The first task you do is to take orders from the customers, then start making ice-cream. Make sure the ice-cream is made right so you can receive more tips from the customers. Always serve the good ice cream treats to people! You will have a chance to hone your managing skills when solving a lot of tasks at the same time.

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Wonderful features in Papa’s Freezeria HD

  • In this HD version of Papa’s Freezeria game, you will meet a lot of customers and use a wide range of unlockable ingredients. In addition, there are new touch controls you can use to make building and topping sundaes much easier to do.
  • Play as Penny or Alberto or make your own character! You can customize the character by adding hairstyle, hair color, skin tone, and facial expression to him/her.
  • Purchase new outfits or earn them for your staff after playing some mini-games or after coming into the shop. There are many outfit elements for you, such as shirts, jackets, pants, hats, and other accessories.
  • Don’t forget to join new mini-games called Saucy Shot and Mitch’s Mess after working each day so you can get new furniture for your shop as well as new outfits for your staff.
  • Now you can customize the lobby! By adding a lot of themes of new posters as well as furniture, your shop will have a brand new beautiful look!
  • When you finish multiple tasks, such as serving sundaes with mixables and toppings, gaining bonuses on the Build Station, joining Mini-games, gaining Customer Awards, you will obtain 100 achievements!

Other extra features in Papa’s Freezeria HD

  • Many upgrades for the tables.
  • Lots of missions between building, mixing, and topping.
  • Feel free to customize your workers at your own taste.
  • Up to 80 customers with different orders to serve.
  • More than 50 ingredients for you to unlock.
  • A huge amount of furniture and outfits to unlock to adorn the restaurant and staff.
  • Very tough Closers and Food Critic.
  • Lots of upgrades for the shop you can buy using your earned tips.
  • You can gain up to 100 Achievements

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Download Papa’s Freezeria HD

Papa’s Freezeria HD is a nice Mobile Android app game you can straightly download from the Google Play Store. Besides this, you can even download Papa’s Freezeria HD APK 1.2.0 or check out Papa’s Freezeria To Go APK Free Download!

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