Papa’s Pancakeria HD

Papa's Pancakeria HD is a nice app game for Android devices about cooking and making pancakes at Papa’s restaurant to serve the customers for tips. Play it now!

Papa’s Pancakeria HD Download definitely takes Papa’s Cooking games free download to the next level. Are you ready for more cooking tasks and challenges in this Papa’s game HD download? Feel free to check it out on your Android phones or tablets for wonderful features. You may have played Papa’s Pancakeria online on PC, so now, let’s give it a shot on Android devices for a fresh game experience.

About Papa’s Pancakeria HD

Get your fingers ready to make a lot of tasty seasonal pancakes, waffles and more in this Papa’s Pancakeria HD! You have a cute pet, but after losing it, you decide to go search for it, and once you have known that your pet was found at Papa’s Pancakeria in Maple Mountain, you want to get a job here so you can take your pet back. Since Papa Louie is away from his shop again, he will leave you in charge of his restaurant, and you need to help him earn a lot of money.

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You will start preparing fluffy pancakes, golden waffles, and lots of French toast before serving your customers. But first, you must take orders from them. Then, you will go to different stations to complete the orders. Start to pour batter onto the griddle, add mixables to the batter, flip the flapjacks, pile up plates with pancakes, add syrups as well as many tasty toppings. Try to make your customers happy with a lot of pancakes you serve them so you can get a lot of tips!

Features in Papa’s Pancakeria HD

  • The seasons will change in Maple Mountain, causing the customers to order more pancakes and other foods with new seasonal ingredients. Therefore, you must unlock brand new ingredients to suit all seasons.
  • You will become Cooper trying to find the lost cat Cookie, or play as Prudence with cute dog Pickle. If you don’t want to become those default characters, you can make your own custom character with a pet.
  • With some unique Special Recipes brought to you by the customers, you will have chances to earn bonuses and special prizes.
  • You can gift your customers a lot of coupons and ask the mailman – Vincent to send the coupons to them. Coupons are the great things you can get after finishing quests for Stickers and they are used for leveling up customers too.
  • Use a lot of furniture with decorations to decorate the shop!
  • Engage in multiple mini-games and attempt to complete them for new furniture and outfits for your workers.
  • Try to finish all the tasks and earn achievements for gaining Stickers. When you have enough Stickers, you can get a new outfit for your customer.

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