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Papa’s Pizzeria HD download has made its arrival to Android phones in the Google Play Store. Among Papa’s Cooking free online games, this title can be a good choice for those who love to cook and bake pizzas. You will learn all the recipes as well as know tips to cook the best pizzas in the world. Also much like other Papa’s Games HD APK download, this title will help you perfect your cooking ability through multiple tasks. Besides Papa’s Pizzeria HD, you can check out Papa’s Pizzeria To Go APK or download Papa’s Pizzeria HD APK 1.1.0!

About Papa’s Pizzeria HD game

You are left in charge of a new restaurant of Papa Louie which is called Papa’s Pizzeria. Papa Louie is away from his restaurant again, he seems to be a very busy businessman. He doesn’t want his restaurant to be downgraded, therefore, you must help him run it now. You will become a busy staff working at this pizzeria as you try to serve a lot of hungry customers with the best pizzas in the world. There are many things you can unlock, such as crusts, toppings, and sauces for some seasonal pizzas and other classic ingredients.

In Papa’s Pizzeria HD Android game, you have to multitask between many stations in the restaurant. The first thing you have to do is to take the orders from the customers, then start to cook pizzas according to what they have ordered. You can pick a crust, add sauce, cheese, with many toppings to the pizza. Place it in the oven and wait until the food is totally baked right. Now, you must cut the pizza into slices in the Cutting Station then serve them to the customers. If you cook the pizzas right, you will earn a lot of tips.

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Amazing features in Papa’s Pizzeria HD

  • You can recruit a delivery staff to answer the customers’ phone calls with an order for delivery. When the pizza is done, the staff will deliver the pizza to the house of that customer.
  • There are plenty of holiday pizza flavors for you to celebrate the seasons in the game. Feel free to unlock a lot of sauces, crusts and many toppings for every single holiday of the year.
  • You will receive exclusive Special Recipes from the customers. Serve them as the Daily Special in the pizzeria.
  • Roy and his sister Joy are the two default characters in the game. You can choose one of them to play or make your own one if you want. Don’t forget to let your character wear awesome outfits!
  • If you miss your preferred customers, you can gift them some awesome coupons with the support of the mailman – Vincent.
  • There are multiple themes of furniture with decorations for the holidays in the year. You can use them to customize and adorn your restaurant.
  • Join a lot of mini-games of Foodini for more furniture for your lobby as well as new outfits for your staff.
  • If you finish many tasks and earn achievements while playing, you will receive Papa’s collection of Stickers.

Extra features in Papa’s Pizzeria HD

  • Up to 12 different holidays to unlock, and each of them has a different ingredient.
  • Obtain and master up to 40 exclusive Special Recipes.
  • Earn up to 90 colorful Stickers after finishing tasks.
  • You can custom chefs and hire delivery staff.
  • A huge amount of furniture and many outfits to adorn your shop and staff.
  • Use your earned tips to buy upgrades for your shop.
  • Serve up to 109 customers with different orders.
  • Unlock more outfits using earned Stickers for your customers.
  • More than 95 ingredients to unlock in the game.
  • You can join up to 7 mini-games after every single day of work.

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Papa’s Pizzeria HD download

You can directly download Papa’s Pizzeria HD from your Google Play Store on the Android Phone. You have to pay to get the app and it offers some in-app purchases too. Besides downloading it from the store, you can also play the game via an APK file for free. Don’t forget to explore Papa’s Pizzeria HD APK 1.1.0 which is totally free to get!

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