Papa’s Scooperia HD

Papa’s Scooperia HD is finally available for tablets. Download and try this Papa’s game for a huge amount of fun when you try to make sundaes for customers!

Papa’s Scooperia HD will be the next Papa’s Game HD Download for you to master! The game will be a perfect choice for all the fans of Papa’s all cooking games online. You can easily play Papa’s Scooperia unblocked online on PC, but it will be much funnier and more awesome to play it on Android tablets. Papa’s Scooperia HD is only currently available for tables, but if you want to try it on your phones, you will try Papa’s Scooperia To Go APK 1.1.0 free download.

Papa's Scooperia HD

About Papa’s Scooperia HD Download

Papa’s Scooperia HD game has a different story from other Papa’s games! You are a visitor coming to a big city for sightseeing, but your luggage and money have been lost, now you must get a job in this city to earn money so you can come back to your home. Papa Louie is such a good man when he offers you a good job at his new ice cream in Oniontown. You take this job then start working hard to earn a lot of money.

You will do a lot of tasks here, from baking fresh cookies, adding toppings to them with scoops of ice cream, adding syrups and decorating them before serving the sundaes to the customers that are waiting in the lobby. If you complete these tasks as well as serve the customers the right ice-cream, you will earn more tips!

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Unique features in Papa’s Scooperia Game

  • Get ready to scoop sundaes! You will have to scoop dough for cookies as well as scoop a lot of ice cream to make tasty sundaes for hungry customers. Don’t forget to add toppings to them!
  • The orders will get evolved! If the customers like your sundaes, they will begin to order the bigger ones with two cookies and scoops. Make sure to serve them well with big sundaes so you can leave a big impression on them.
  • A lot of holidays to enjoy! When you level up, the holidays and season in the Oniontown will start changing, and this means the orders of the customers will be changed as well with new seasonal ingredients. Try to unlock new ingredients to make new sundaes for them.
  • Many special recipes to serve! You will serve some customers with daily special recipes. Try to become proficient in every single special recipe for a special prize.
  • Feel free to customize the worker at your own taste or you can choose to play as either Carlo Romano or Koilee. Let them wear impressive outfits when serving the customers!
  • Don’t forget to collect stickers after finishing many tasks and earning achievements. You will need these stickers to get new outfits and give them to the customers.
  • Try to unlock a lot of furniture with new themes and many decorations so you can beautify your shop.
  • Join daily mini-games after each workday so you can get new furniture for the lobby of the shop as well as many awesome outfits for your workers.

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