Play Papa’s Sushiria To Go APK Free And Serve Sushi To Your Customers

Papa's Sushiria To Go APK is a game in To Go! game series. It is great to relax with the task of making sushi and serving customers. You can play it now.

Play Papa’s Sushiria To Go APK now to become a chef for a famous sushi shop! An unexpected event leads you into an exciting experience you’ve never tried before. But everything is quite simple for you to approach and relax with a list of cooking tasks. Start with choosing ingredients, then roll, cut, and mix the drink. Customers will be happy with your delicious treats and you will get up to 100 points. Lots of unique rewards will be unlocked to refresh your experience every day.

Reluctantly become a sushi shop chef

Papa Louie opened a new store after a series of famous restaurants such as Papa’s Cheeseria, Papa’s Mocharia… This time, you were invited to the restaurant opening party and were greeted with dozens of delicious dishes and drinks. However, when leaving, you accidentally broke the lucky cat statue. But luckily the restaurant owner forgave you.

Become a sushi chef in Papa's Sushiria
Become a sushi chef in Papa’s Sushiria

The next day, you go to the restaurant to order, but there are no customers here. It seems that spoiling the lucky cat has brought the sushi restaurant to a halt. So the boss needs your help for a few days to find a new cat figurine. And you will become an unexpected sushi chef!

Get to know Papa’s Sushiria To Go APK

Things seem unlucky at first, don’t they? But that’s okay because you might be the lucky one of the stores in Papa’s Sushiria download. You can attract hundreds of customers every day to order and buy food. So you will get a lot of money to grow and expand your store quickly.

Get acquainted with the job of a sushi chef through the on-screen instructions. Initially, you need to cook rice as the main ingredient for sushi. Then, spread the rice over the seaweed, tap to select the ingredients, and click “Roll” to roll the sushi. Next, you can swipe across the screen to search for more options for sauces or toppings. And finally, you will cut the sushi into small pieces and put them on the plate. Seems pretty simple as soon as you’re a new player, doesn’t it?

Prepare a variety of drinks

Not only sushi, but Papa’s cooking also offers a variety of drinks on the menu. Customers will have different requirements for the type of drink they prefer. For example, maybe a strawberry juice with mango flavor, coffee, milk tea, cucumber juice, etc. Just find the right ingredients and you can mix them together to create steaming drinks. guide. Drinks are usually included with every customer’s order. So don’t miss the opportunity to profit from these rewarding drinks.

Play mini-games in Papa’s Sushiria To Go APK

Daily chef chores keep you busy, right? So come up with fun mini-games challenges for fun and rewards. They are usually simple puzzle challenges that are easy to play in a short time. Therefore, they will not take much of your business at Papa’s Sushiria To Go for free. You can unlock more new items when you win the game. It could be new ingredients, new kitchen tools, stickers for customers…

Unlock new costumes and customers

You will have a chance to unlock more than 128 diners in Papa’s Sushiria To Go APK. But that will happen when you reach a certain level. One by one, new customers will appear with dozens of unique requests to refresh your recipes. Besides, more customers mean you will be busier. But it’s also fun to be able to discover and practice new sushi recipes.

Unlock festive costumes for characters with stickers
Unlock festive costumes for characters with stickers

Besides, don’t forget to collect stickers to unlock unique outfits for your customers and characters. There are up to 90 stickers with different colors corresponding to the impressive outfits. In addition, there are many special stickers for carnival costumes. They help create a feeling of authenticity and excitement every time the festival approaches.

Preparing for the holidays

Papa’s Sushiria To Go APK brings you many items, accessories, ingredients … suitable for festive seasons. You can decorate the restaurant’s lobby, change the kitchen utensils, explore the festive dishes… It would be great if you could create an impressive festival atmosphere with special sushi dishes for your guests. Valentine’s day or Christmas. Besides, don’t forget to participate in events to get huge rewards!

Download Papa’s Sushiria To Go APK 2021 for free on mobile

Papa’s Sushiria To Go APK is available for you to download here. This game is a great choice for you to try the feeling of being a sushi chef. Besides, a variety of ingredients and unique recipes and concoctions will make you excited. Just tap and swipe on the screen to cook, what could be better? The accessories, stickers, costumes… are very diverse for you to freely create different styles in the festive season. What are you waiting for without trying Papa’s Sushiria To Go now? The festival for sushi is here and you can play it anytime, anywhere!

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