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Privacy Policy here will help you understand how we collect and use your information. Please view carefully it when you play Papa's cooking games here!

Please review the Privacy Policy here to understand how we work when you play games at this site. This is the place to tell you about Papa’s game and how we effectively bring it to you. We are always working to improve the website and create the best playground for every gamer. And we have our own methods to do that, including collecting information from users. But this is legal and general purpose only. To understand better, consider the content below now.

Privacy Policy at

As soon as you join the playground at our website, we begin to collect information about you. Until you leave the browser, that will be over.

What specific information do we collect from users?

So what do we collect from you when you use our website? Firstly, when you visit here to play online games or get Papa’s cooking APK download, you can register for an account. You can voluntarily provide basic information for registration, such as avatar name, profile picture, email address, etc. We will collect them for user information management. But we don’t ask for your real name, so you can use whatever name or photo you want.

Second, we will collect your content, including comments, reviews, articles… We manage them to ensure that the interaction between users on the site is positive and productive. But we do not encourage you to share information related to your GPS location. Although the site’s mechanism will delete them before accepting your article for publication, it is best to be cautious.

Third, we record your activity data at the website using cookies and similar technologies. The log data will show which games you played or clicked on which ads displayed on the website. From there, we can track your interests to recommend relevant content. Third parties also do it to suggest better ads. Everything contributes to a personalized experience for you to find and use quickly.

How will your information be used at

With the information collected above, we keep it confidential and do not share it with any third parties. We are responsible for ensuring the security of user information, and for managing them to improve the website. To do that, we have the right technology solutions and even backup solutions.

We will store your information until this website is down or when you request it to be deleted. In addition, you have the right to edit, add or delete your information at any time by accessing your account profile. Or you can contact us at:

So what do we need information from you for? They will help us keep this website running fficiently. We manage every user’s information to make sure nothing goes wrong. We work hard to identify, investigate and resolve issues of fraud or illegal behavior. So giving you the perfect experience is our aim.

Changes of Privacy Policy

We will update the Privacy Policy here as needed. Changes may come from sharing and suggestions from users or from us. But we will notify you as soon as these policies are updated. If you have any recommendations, just contact us to get it resolved in time.

Discover more things when you visit Terms of Papa’s cooking game and About us. We also encourage you to read them carefully to better understand the game and the rules players need to follow. The same goes for Privacy Policy, the rules can change at any time and you will be notified of them. Finally, we would like to show our appreciation for your companionship at this site. And we will put more effort into your better experience. Play online now or get Papa’s Cooking games download for pc for free here!

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