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The grocery store near my house has just opened with many special offers. In Shopping with Pop, you will accompany Pop out to buy necessary items for the whole family.

There are many things that you need to buy in this exciting Shopping with Pop for kids game. All are available, you just need to touch the specified items to put them in the cart. The process of buying products in the game is also done in a certain order to help players feel the reality when playing. First, you will enter the door area, touch the door icon to open the door, and enter the store. Here, a salesperson will appear, he will guide the steps to buy goods at the store in the most effective way. The next thing you need to do is simply choose the items that match the requirements to purchase. Your task is to shop all available required items to complete the assigned challenge.

Basically, Shopping with Pop unblocked does not allow players to buy unnecessary things at this store. So you only have a certain budget available to buy the specified items. At each level, you will buy different items as required, and make payment after buying enough. In general, this html5 cooking game is quite simple for any player, especially it is suitable for children. The operation of the game is quite simple, so you just need to follow the instructions available on the screen to feel the joy of playing. Besides, the graphic element and sound system also have a careful investment that will definitely not disappoint you.

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