Sweet Shop 3D

About Sweet Shop 3D Game

Sweet Shop 3D is an exciting unblocked game where you play the role of a sweets shop manager. So you can play Sweet Shop 3D now to serve your customers.

The Sweet Shop 3D arcade game gives you the opportunity to sell the sweets that your customers love. Show your management talent in business when playing this game.

Play Sweet Shop 3D unblocked and manage your business

Your task in this 3D arcade game is to sell all kinds of sweets to customers. Become a professional manager to expand your sweets shop in Sweet Shop 3D game for kids. Then, hire new workers to grow the store size when you play Sweet Shop 3D free online.

Sweet Shop 3D online requires players to work as employees for their own shop

Sweet Shop 3D unblocked requires players to both manage the business and make candy. Please try to serve customers in the best possible way. Obviously, the growth of the entire sweets factory in Sweet Shop 3D free online is counting on you.

In addition, you also have to pick the fruit from the tree and put it on the shelf. Display them in the most meticulous way for customers to easily choose. Don’t forget to buy a machine to process fruit into yogurt, candy, ice cream to attract more customers.

In addition, upgrading in the game will help you to reserve more. So customers don’t need to wait anymore for their orders. Don’t forget to upgrade employees to increase their productivity.

Sweet Shop 3D online offers an exciting experience of managing a store. Let’s hire more employees to work together to grow the business. Your store is sure to become the most popular store in the area.

How To Play

Use WASD/ arrow keys/ left mouse button to move.

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