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Terms of Use are terms that describe your responsibilities and rights when using papascooking.com. They can be changed but will be communicated to you.

Terms of use will tell you the rules to accept when you play Papa’s games online at this site. It includes your responsibility for the copyright of our content and your content. Besides, it also tells what is beyond our responsibility. So, provisions are necessary to keep this playground running efficiently and safely. Your use of the website without recommendations constitutes your acceptance of our terms. You can learn about them more now.

Our copyright to the content about Papa’s cooking game

First, we want to re-affirm that this is not the official website of Papa’s cooking game. Therefore, we have no ownership rights to the games and images on the website. But those are legal to share publicly, so it’s safe for us to have them available to you.

However, the content posted in each article below the game belongs to our team. We always strive to provide you with concise, accurate, and useful information to get to the game quickly. Therefore, we have the copyright to the content at the site. You cannot delete, edit or hide content, and cannot copy it without permission. It is an important rule that you need to know and follow when using our website.

Your responsibility for personal accounts

When you visit the website to play Papa’s cooking unblocked, you can register an account with your basic information. And you will be responsible for the security of the account and the activities that occur with it. Don’t share your account and password information with anyone you don’t trust. This can lead to fraudulent and illegal acts that you cannot control.

We take this behavior very seriously and will shut down user accounts in such cases. So best, keep your account and password secret. If you discover any unauthorized use of your account, you should change your password as soon as possible. In addition, if you need our support, please contact us at info@papascooking.com.

Your responsibility for the personal content posted

We own the copyright to the content at the site and we are responsible for it. When you post any content such as images, text, videos …, the right and responsibility to manage them belongs to you. But please make sure that they are consistent with our regulations and do not affect the rights of others. Remember, this is a healthy playing field for everyone. Therefore, you need to limit offensive, sexual, violent, profanity content …

In addition, we recommend that you do not share information related to your GPS location on the website. As this may affect your safety and privacy. Although incidents are rare, it’s best to be careful with that. In addition, in terms of your rights to the content and account information, you can customize them at any time. Your everything will belong to you, so you can delete, add, hide, edit… as you like.

Our disclaimer at papascooking.com

We are not responsible for user-submitted content on the site. So if it is legally related, the responsibility lies with the user. But please note that we always manage and control all content on the website. Since we don’t want any problems, any illegal behavior will have to be removed.

The Terms of Use may be changed, deleted or supplemented from time to time

The change is needed to help the terms stay relevant over time. So we may update new terms, amend old terms or even remove them from the website. But we do not do it secretly, any changes will be notified to you by email. Besides, we always welcome any comments and suggestions from you about terms, policies, and more. Now you can play the game online or Papa’s APK download for free here!

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Andrea loves simple games, especially learning how to cook delicious food through playing games. Besides playing games, she often refers to and browse new games to make the website more diverse. With the help of Andrea, you will find the games that suit your needs easily.

Email: info@papascooking.com

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