Tom and Jerry: Don’t Make A Mess

About Tom and Jerry: Don’t Make A Mess Game

Tom and Jerry: Don’t Make A Mess is an arcade game inspired by the famous cartoon of the same name. Incarnate as Tom, your task is not to let the food fall on the floor.

The struggle between Tom and Jerry has never ended in popular cartoon episodes. Therefore, there have been many Tom and Jerry games born with many different play styles for players to choose. Tom and Jerry: Don’t Make A Mess unblocked is one of them. Jerry has climbed on the refrigerator, he is ready to punish Tom by dropping available objects. In the game, you will become the cat Tom with the task of not letting the food fall on the floor.

In the beginning, things are easy as the food will fall quite slowly to the floor giving you control of the situation. As time goes on, the falling speed of the food will become faster, the frequency will also appear more and more. This will certainly make it difficult for you to help Tom’s cat ensure the floor remains intact. So, this cooking food online game requires the player’s concentration and agility. You need to observe everything quickly, thereby controlling the cat Tom to move continuously to complete the available challenges.

Besides the simple but interesting adventure gameplay, Tom and Jerry: Don’t Make A Mess also offers beautiful image quality. All the details in the game are similar to the original cartoon to help players feel familiar when playing. Moreover, the sound from the background music will also increase the feeling of excitement during the experience.

How To Play

Control the cat Tom to move through the arrow buttons on the keyboard

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