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Papa Louie: When Pizzas Attack unblocked is one of the most challenging Papa Louie’s games. It focuses on an epic adventure where you must help Papa Louie save the lost customers from the dimension of Multigrain Fields. Papa’s Pizzeria has been attacked and destroyed by evil pizza monsters, now, only Papa can save the place and stop this battle. But he still needs your help because the monsters are too powerful to fight against alone himself.

You must be ready to enter a world of sticky cheese, tomato sauce, and pepperoni. The game features four worlds and each of the worlds has 3 stages for you to complete, making a total of 12 levels. You will have to defeat all enemies on those levels. Try to use your weapon – the pepper bombs smartly, throw the bombs at enemies and avoid their attacks. You have to beat all the Pizza Monsters and turn them into ordinary, boxed pizzas so you can complete a stage. Then, you will help Papa Louie lift the cages to save his customers. Try to grab the boxes then jump on the left side of the scale. You can set the customers free with the help of the weight of the boxes. Once your customers have been released, the level will be finished! Then, you will get a key that lets you proceed to the next stage.

How To Play

Use the left/right arrow keys to move your character, use the spacebar to jump or glide, use Z to hit enemies, and X to throw pepper bombs.

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