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There are many Papa Louie games free online released, and with this Papa Louie 1 unblocked the first chapter, you can play it in your browser to experience amazing challenges. Different from Papa’s All Cooking Games Online, in this title, just only one adventure that began it all. Papa Louie was organizing a party at Papa’s Pizzeria, but all the orders were infiltrated by Onion Ring. Now, all tasty pizzas were moved to Pizza Monsters abducting all customers of Papa Louie. You must help Papa rescue all of them and finish off that Onion Ring. Play Papa Louie 1 Full Screen online now!

How To Play

Use the left/right arrow keys to walk, use the spacebar to jump and glide, use key Z to attack enemies, key X to release the pepper bomb, press up/down arrow key over the pizza box to collect it.

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