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Download and install Papa’s Wingeria HD APK 1.0.4 for free on your Android device to show off your chicken cooking skill and serve the chicken wings to your customers!

If are a big fan of Papa’s Cooking games download on mobile devices, you should get access to Papa’s Wingeria HD APK Download which is yet another Papa’s game that you can install on your device. Each Papa game brings you a new story to explore, and it also gets you through plenty of challenges that will test your time management skill. Are you ready to download Papa’s Wingeria HD APK 1.0.4 for free?

Papa's Wingeria HD Download

About Papa’s Wingeria HD APK Download

In this awesome Papa’s To Go APK game, you have just become a winner of a trip to Starlight City, and you need to run the latest restaurant of Papa in which will have to operate the fryers as well as throw chicken wings in a wide range of tasty sauces. As a shop runner, you only have one objective to complete, which is to serve your customers well with delicious foods, and in this Papa’s Cooking game, you will cook chicken wings for them. Your customers are very hungry, they never stop coming to your restaurant to order the foods, making it harder for you to complete the goals. However, you have to stay calm when dealing with these tasks. Carefully cook foods with accurate ingredients, then, arrange them with sides and veggies on the plates so you can satisfy the empty stomachs of the customers.

The in-game meals are so diverse when you will be able to unlock a wide range of types of meats to fry for the customers, plenty of tasty sauces with a variety of side and dips to go with the meals. Through over time, you will know all styles for organizing the foods so you can get the perfect scores from your customers, and the most important thing is that you can make a lot of money to spend in the shop.

Download Papa’s Wingeria HD APK 1.0.4 For Free

Downloading Papa’s Wingeria to your Android device is not a hard thing anymore when you can totally do that with an APK file that is free to install and download. Simply click the download link below here so you can get access to the game through an APK file and play it on your mobile phone.

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